Don't make these mistakes when book marketing...

Launching without a detailed PLAN.

Spending money without having thought through your marketing goals. Not putting a plan down on paper.  Missing out on leveraging key endorsements.

We've worked on book launches and book promotion with authors of all shapes and sizes.  And, there is one thing in common.  They made a very detailed and strategic plan to sell more than 100 books.  We strategize with authors, highlight their best assets and develop their plan to build their buzz.

Build your buzz and take all 10 Steps To The Spotlight with the 91 day RockStar™ Plan

Here's what's included:

What's Your Brand

Having a strong brand identity makes you stand apart from your competition and helps you have a clear idea of who you are and what you want to be known for. Spend structured time brainstorming on several key questions and establishing your best assets.


Take inventory and ASSESS YOUR BRAND PRESENCE. Your message has to be clear and consistent. Your brand must be visible across every channel that represents you and/or your business. We've taken all of the guesswork out of your marketing plans and made it easier for you to increase consistency.

Book Launch

A successful book launch is a long process and it takes a lot of work.
RockPaperStar has patented the 91-Day RockStar Tour Plan™, your complete guide to launching your book in three months or more.  The first step is to set a launch date. This is what will anchor your efforts in the months leading up to your launch. We've done this before, so let us share our knowledge so you can align your resources.

Speaker Development

Another way for a thought leader to capitalize on their expertise, besides writing a book, is to become a speaker and share their knowledge with an audience.
Use our checklists and worksheets to create or improve your materials.


Bring in Partners

Even after all of the work you’ve put into your book, speaking, or product (or all three!), the real challenge is still ahead — sales.  Selling takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Expect to spend plenty of time on this step, making calls and connections. We coach you through expanding your network.

Monetize The Message

If you’re an author or a speaker, a great way to monetize your message is to build products, training, or coaching.
The monetizing your message step comes with a long checklist of to-do’s which saves TIME.

What's included

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